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How to turn the Vapor Slide On/Off & charge it.

Push the button 5 times

How to test the battery life?

Push the button twice to check the battery life.

  • Green = fully charged
  • Blue = half charged
  • Red = needs charged

How do I charge my Vapor Slide?

Micro USB charging port

How to know when it is fully charged?

The Vapor Slide indicates that it is fully charged when the red charge light on the side of the body turns green.

Where can I use my Vapor Slide?

The Vapor Slide is a 2 in 1 design which allows you to use it on the go or in any 14-19mm female water pipe.

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Can you preheat the Vapor Slide? Do I need to push a button?

You can preheat by pressing the button slightly. Hold the button until you see the lights come on and then the pressure sensor will take over. You can use it without the preheat as well by just inhaling on the device.

How many heat settings are there? How do I change the heat settings?

There are 4 heat settings to customize your vaping experience.

Click the button 3x to change the voltage.

  • Green - 3.3V 300°
  • Pink - 3.6V 390°
  • Blue - 3.9V 490°
  • Red - 4.2V 600°

Whats the difference between your bottom coil cartridge and other standard cartridges?

  • New larger diameter opening
  • .500ml top coil
  • Heat resistant mouthpiece
  • Engineered to work in water pipes

What are the differences between the cartridges you offer?

I like to vape out of my bong, which cartridge should I use?

Top Coil - Black Mouthpiece

I like to vape on the go, which cartridge should I use?

Bottom Coil - White Mouthpiece

How to install the cartridge? Will any preloaded 510 cartridge work?

Vapor Slide is equipped with a magnetic connection and a standard vape cartridge connection. You can choose to fill our cartridges or simply buy any airflow activated cartridge on the market and it will screw right in.

What other cartridges work with Vapor Slide?

  • Any Ccell Style
  • Most Standard 510 airflow cartridges

How to fill the cartridge?


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What is new on the Vapor Slide Plus?

  • Triple anodized coating
  • Reinforced center
  • Larger diameter opening to accommodate even more 510 cartridges
  • Improved PCB functions
  • Tighter 0-rings!! 🤗

What to do if you see blinking red lights?

What are the holes on the side?

What type of battery does Vapor Slide run on?

Vapor Slide uses an 18350 850mAh L-ion battery

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What are the watts and amperage compared to the voltage?

Voltage, Watts and Amps

  • 3.3V = 7.26W = 2.2A
  • 3.6V = 8.64W = 2.4A
  • 3.9V = 10.4W = 2.6A
  • 4.2V = 11.76W = 2.8A