Vapor Slide is the only pen that hits like a dab. There are 3 main points we want you to go over.

  1. 3X longer lasting battery than typical pens
  2. Comes with 100% ceramic coil
  3. Fits in any 14 or 18 mm female waterpipe


Requirements to Qualify

  1. An audience: 2,500 Followers on Instagram/Facebook OR 1,000 YouTube Subscribers
  2. Active account: Maintain an organic and original content posting schedule
  3. Know the product: Mention the above 3 key points
  4. Posting requirements: 2 stories & 2 feed posts OR 4-5 minute unboxing video


What you get from working with us?

  1. Free V2+ Plus and other Vapor Slide branded products (t-shirts, water pipes, 100% THC free CBD, eJuice, disposable pens).
  2. First access to prototypes and product launches.
  3. Being apart of the Vapor Slide community of influencers


Want to partner with us?

Send us an email at with the following information:

  1. Social Media Accounts (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and/or YouTube Account)
  2. State and Country of Origin


Video Ideas for each point

A. More Powerful Battery = 3X longer lasting battery than typical battery

  1. Be at a concert/hike/party and lose battery with a normal cartridge pen. Your friend hands you the Vapor Slide and then you take a massive rip. 
  2. Sharing a relevant story (a tragic event of when your pen died on you)


B. 100% ceramic coil

  1. Hit a normal cartridge pen, get a gross look. Hit the Vapor Slide, then have a cheesy smile afterwards. 
  2. Showing how easy it is to fill up the cartridge. 
  3. Explain it is cheaper to buy and then fill it up than buying a new cartridge every-time. You can even elaborate that the refillable cartridges will end up paying off the Vapor Slide in due time.
  4. How it is better for the environment to refill cartridges. You can even create an analogy to 'plastic water bottles'.


C. Fits in most 14-18mm water pipes (bongs)

  1. Showcasing it will fit in more than 1 water pipe within the same video. Line up 2+ bongs and show that it fits in all of them. 
  2. Go through and showcase the o-rings how they fit into each bong.